How to Make Better Putts

Although most beginners and weekend golfers overlook putting and pay more attention to long balls, they soon discover that putting is just as essential. Also, the best golf players usually are great at putting. As such, if you are keen on getting your score lower, you will need to improve your putting technique. River’s Edge Golf Course pro, Troy Eckberg, can help you improve your putting game.

Visualize your putt

You first need to commit to mind the line and pace of your putt. You need to consider such factors as whether the green is fast or slow, whether the course is uphill or downhill, and so on. Before you take your stance, walk around, especially from the ball to the hole. This gives you a feel of the slope. This, as well as the type of green you are playing on, also gives you an idea of the force required for a perfect stroke. For a slow green, you will need to putt straight as the ball will roll a lot faster. Choose your line and commit it to mind before striking the ball.

Creating an effective putting technique

A suitable putting technique is one that allows you to swing the putter on the same arc and hit the golf ball on the same place of the putter’s face every time. Most golfers make the mistake of moving while putting or immediately after they hit the golf ball. For a constant arc, only rotate the shoulders while keeping the head, neck and lower body motionless. Relax the arms and the hands while keeping them still to ensure arc consistency. Stand a short distance from the golf ball so that your arms hang comfortably in position.

Hold the club in a way that the shaft and your forearms are aligned, thus enabling them to work as a single unit. The grip should be light as grip pressure is critical to consistent putting. The grip should be just enough to prevent the putter from slipping between your hands. Rather than concentrating on the ball, which can make you nervous or anxious, focus on the target. Hold your position even after you hit the ball. In the end, the face of the club should point towards the target.

Practice often

Regular practice is the most effective way of perfecting your putting routine. Take to the practice facility at River’s Edge Golf Course, which includes a putting green with several target holes and a lot of area for chipping and putting. Be consistent with the rhythm of all your putts. To putt over a shorter or longer distance, shorten or lengthen the stroke to enable the putter to cover a shorter or longer distance.

Take several golf balls and practice putting across different distances and angles. Try putting on level ground, uphill and downhill. Develop a pre-stroke routine that calms you down and gives you a confidence mindset before each stroke. Collecting multiple putters and practicing on then is an effective way of developing a solid routine. Work on developing a putting technique that’s easy for you to follow through.

Have fun while practicing

Putting is not easy, and you are bound to feel frustrated. As opposed to perceiving an imperfect putt as a failure, see it as a challenge or an opportunity to improve. If possible, engage in light-hearted competitions while playing with friends or family or set practice goals in putting lessons with a golf professional.