Lesson Program

Looking to improve your golf game while enjoying the process? Check out our golf lessons in small groups that allow for more focused golf instruction. Hone in on your golf swing, build confidence to tackle any golf course and improve your overall skill level with great instructors in our group lessons. Whether you’re a beginner or a competitive golfer looking for a few tips, the playing lessons at River’s Edge Golf Course is for you.

Join us this season of fun filled golf Clinics directed by Stuart Allison, founder of Land’s End Golf School.  These clinics are designed to be taken more than once, working on improving one’s knowledge and techniques while in a group setting of no more than eight participants. River’s Edge, the best golf in Bend, has again teamed up with Central Oregon Community College to offer adult golf clinics. All the clinics are booked through COCC. For more information or to book your clinic, go to https://www.enrole.com/cocc/jsp/instructorDetail.jsp?instructorId=43915