View of the clubhouse

At River’s Edge Golf Course, we offer a well-maintained golf environment for both hobbyist and professional-level golfers.

As a non-profit, neighborhood-owned, and operated golf course, we continuously make investments to ensure our guests have the best possible experience.

We are confident that you will enjoy every experience at River’s Edge Golf Course and will quickly become a regular golfing partner.


River’s Edge Golf Course is proud to be a member of The Audubon  International Cooperative Sanctuary Program(ACSP). ACSP is an education and certification program that helps organizations and businesses protect our environment.

This environmental program also holds golf courses across North America to a high degree when it comes to protecting the area’s natural heritage. With the support of our golf course superintendent Paul Meredith, River’s Edge is keenly focused on water conservation in Central Oregon. Paul is constantly looking for better ways to conserve water & natural resources, moderate our use of chemicals, and manage the wildlife habitat on
the golf course.


Welcome to our frequently asked questions about our neighborhood golf course! Here you can find answers to questions concerning why something is the way it is, what changes have been made, and what changes are going to be made.

Welcome any additional questions you may have.


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