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 March 26 – May 27
Sept. 6 – Nov 1
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Feb 1 – March 23
Peak Rate Weekday$56$64$39
Peak Rate Weekend/Holiday$56$74$39
Nine Holes$39$44$29

Yes, we have R&L men’s and women’s sets in different shaft configurations.  Clubs Rentals are $35 per set.

River’s Edge Golf Course Air Quality Protocol

Introduction: The health and safety of our employees and guests are our top priorities at River’s Edge Golf Course. To ensure a safe environment, especially during times of poor air quality, we have established this Air Quality Protocol in alignment with Oregon AQI standards and health mandates. This protocol outlines the procedures for employees and guests, ensuring their well-being while enjoying our facilities.

AQI Standards and Actions:

  1. 0-100 AQI – No Action Needed:
    • Air quality is acceptable, and normal operations continue.

Employees and guests may proceed with their activities as planned.

  1. 101-150 AQI – Mask Distribution:
    • Masks will be available to employees working outside for prolonged periods.

Employees have the option to use the provided mask based on their comfort and health considerations.

  1. 151-199 AQI – Mandatory Mask Usage:
    • Employees working outside are required to use the provided masks.

Employees have the option to continue working or may choose to leave if they feel uncomfortable due to air quality.

  1. 200-250 AQI – Limited Services and Essential Staff:
    • Only essential staff will be present on the property.

Golf course remains open with limited services available.

Golfers may continue to use the course while being aware of the reduced services.

  1. 251-299 AQI – Limited Operations:
    • The golf course remains open with only essential staff present.

All hourly staff are required to stop working and prioritize their health.

Guests are informed about the limited services available.

  1. 300+ AQI – Closure:
    • For the safety of all staff and guests, the golf course will be closed.

All scheduled activities, including tee times and events, will be canceled.

Guests will be informed about the closure through official channels.

Instructional Procedures for Employees:

  1. Mask Distribution and Usage:
    • Masks are always available to employees and guests on the property.

Employees working outside in AQI ranges of 101-199 must use provided masks.

It is the employee’s choice whether to use the provided mask in AQI range of 101-150.

  1. Communication:
    • Supervisors are responsible for informing employees about the current AQI and any required actions.

Employees are encouraged to communicate any health concerns related to air quality.

  1. Safety First:
    • Employees should prioritize their health and well-being and consider their personal comfort levels while working in varying air quality conditions.

Instructional Procedures for Guests:

  1. Mask Availability:
    • Masks are always available to guests on the property.

Guests are encouraged to use masks, especially in AQI ranges of 101-199.

  1. Awareness and Communication:
    • Guests will be informed about the current AQI and any actions taken by the golf course.

It is recommended that guests with health concerns or discomfort due to air quality make informed decisions about their activities.

Conclusion: By adhering to this Air Quality Protocol, we aim to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and guests while providing a clear plan of action during varying air quality conditions. The health of our community is our priority, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation in maintaining a safe environment at River’s Edge Golf Course.

Although we recommend a tee time, walk-in play is welcomed.

River’s Edge is a course with significant elevation changes and carts are recommended, but golf carts are not mandatory.

River’s Edge has Bend’s only  Toptracer driving range, and a large practice green to help you prepare for your round or just practice your strokes.  For more information on Toptracer go here.

Our only restriction is that no alcohol other than what has been purchased at River’s Edge Golf Course
is allowed on the premises.

Violators of this rule will be removed immediately from the course.

The Oregon Liquor Commission (OLCC) has a zero-tolerance policy, and there are no exceptions.

Yes.  The clubhouse has full facilities and there are restrooms on holes #5 and #14.

The Edge Bar and Grill offers great food and beverages which can be taken in your cart or enjoyed inside or on our expansive deck.  Here is a look at the current menu.

We have a beverage cart running several days per week and at holes 8, 9, 17, and 18 you will find login instructions and the grill’s phone number to place an order for the turn or after your round.

River’s Edge offers several challenging holes, but our 5 tee box structure allows you to find the right tee box for your game.  Here is a link to our scorecard for distance, rating and slope information.

Bend enjoys a wonderful winter season that skiers find delightful, but not so much for golf.  The course is generally closed for part of November and February and all of December and January.

The Toptracer driving range is self-service and is available 12 months per year.