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Toptracer Range technology, the ball-tracing technology used on televised golf tournaments to track the shots of the game’s best players, is transforming the everyday driving range experience as well.

Toptracer is perfect for all ages and skill levels. Entertain the kids with fun games or challenge your fellow golfers to a friendly competition.

River’s Edge offers the Toptracer Mobile Range technology across all bays of its popular driving range located in the center of Bend. The mobile Toptracer technology is included at no additional charge.

Is Toptracer Range really that cool? Yes, it is!

Just look at some of the different training aids, games, and challenges.

Warm Up is a fun and interactive game that helps you warm up before playing golf. It is also perfect for players of any skill level to practice on the range and improve their game!
Capture the Flag is fun and competitive. It tests your accuracy by hitting their balls into predetermined flag targets.
Swing Capture films your shots in real-time. Capturing up to 10,000 data points for each swing, your shot’s detailed trajectory is compared to a professional player.

My Practice
allows you to practice your shots and analyze their performance in order to improve your golfing accuracy, distance, and overall game.

Precision and Precision Series, these games are all about accuracy, landing close to the targets and racking up some serious points is the name of the game.

All your points are shown in the bar for bragging rights and competitive fun.