Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

If you are a long-time golfing fan, you might already be aware of the opportunities that come with August’s National Golf Month. There’s no better way to enjoy this season than by heading off to River’s Edge Golf Course. The course is nestled near the Sheep River affording scenic views of the picturesque Cascade Mountains. With exquisitely manicured grounds and courses designed by reputable golf architects, playing at River’s Edge is bound to be a challenging yet amazing golf experience.

Apart from planning a trip to River’s Edge, we share a few other ways through which you can celebrate National Golf Month.

1.  Take a golf lesson
If you are like most amateur golfers, you may never have enrolled in a real golf lesson. Instead, you may have just taken up the hobby and improved your swing through mere trial and error. If you are serious about bettering your golfing skills, August is the perfect time to book a golf lesson with an experienced golf professional.

2.   Teach the game to someone you love
If you consider yourself more or less a golf pro, summer is the perfect time to share your skills with a partner, children, family member or friend. River’s Edge allows you to take your group through beginner lessons on their driving range. Whether they enjoy a short session or become ardent players afterward, you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime.

3.   Invest in golf equipment
August is the perfect time to buy that driver, putter, a sleeve of balls or hybrid that you’ve always wanted. As a way of celebrating the season, most golf equipment manufacturers and dealers offer huge discounts on the equipment they deal in. And of course, check out the deals on golf equipment and apparel in our pro shop.

4.   Download golf apps
As with other games, mobile golf apps are a common phenomenon today. Golf courses use them to simplify online bookings, score tracking, golf equipment shopping and so on. Some are available at a fee while others are obligation-free. Perfect your swing by downloading popular golf apps this August.

5.    Participate in a charity tournament
There is nothing better or more rewarding than playing for a worthy cause. Fortunately, the National Golf Month is packed with golf activities aimed at giving back to the community. Participating in one of these events is a fun way to help someone else. Check the River’s Edge website for events that we host throughout the season.

6.   Clean your golf equipment
Summer is a long season of golf, and hopefully you’ve played many times so far this season. Your golf equipment is an investment worth taking care of even if it is used. Besides, not cleaning your golf clubs could adversely affect your performance. Take care of your clubs and other golf equipment by cleaning them appropriately.

Happy National Golf Month and we’ll see you at River’s Edge!