Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Despite summer coming to a close, there is still a lot of time to enjoy some great golf in the autumn months. Although most people flock to golf courses like River’s Edge in Bend in the summer, there is something unique about playing golf in the crisp and cool fall weather. Here are six reasons why you should enjoy a round or two of golf this fall.

1.  The weather is perfect for golfing

Summer temperatures can have you perspiring the moment you step out of the golf cart. Even the most breathable sportswear will not stop you from experiencing the summer heat. Fall weather might be quite crisp, but it can be a welcome change from the brutal summer heat. While you could anticipate some rain, the weather and humidity levels are still reasonable.

2.  There’s better access to the greens

At the end of summer, most people stop golfing. This means the courses can be less crowded and you will probably feel less rushed through a round. With the reduced demand for tee times, you could benefit from discounted rates on everything from the cart rentals to the greens fees. Discounts are meant to entice golfers during this slower season.

3.    There are amazing views

Perhaps the best thing about playing golf in autumn is the scenery. Morning dew, amber light and colorful foliage makes for a spectacular backdrop to your golf game.

4.   You could take advantage of the winter rules

Golf rules are a little relaxed during this time of the year. For instance, if you can’t find your ball due to too many leaves, your group might agree to estimate where you think the ball might have dropped. Relaxed rules mean less stress, added fun and a quicker game.

5.     It’s an ideal time to invest in the game

This could be one of the biggest advantages of golfing in the fall. Normally, most golfers choose the beginning of the season, which is the spring, to purchase new golf equipment or take lessons. This is also the time when manufacturers launch newer models at retail prices. The local pro may have more time for golf lessons in the fall, a perfect time to give you insights on how to improve your game.

6.     The golf courses are in good shape

The courses, like River’s Edge, have already undergone a whole season of pampering from ground keepers. There is usually more moisture coating the grass and in the air. The wet turf is likely to make your put roll farther on the fairways as well as on the greens. This means extra yardage on your puts.

Don’t let the fall’s chill keep you away from the course. Modern advancements in athletic wear will keep you warm. With the onset of the football season, there’s nothing better than a quick round or two of golf then grabbing a beer watching football with friends in the clubhouse.