Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Is there a proper time to switch to new clubs?

Here are the 3 signs on when you may want to consider getting new golf clubs before hitting the course. Check to see if any of these signs apply to you and then pick out the clubs that will improve your skills as well as allow you to continue to enjoy the game.

1: Your Performance Is At A Standstill

When you first got the golf clubs, you saw huge improvements to your play. Your swing was monstrous and you felt the power moving down your arms and into the clubs. But now, it doesn’t seem as if you are making any more headway. According to your stats, it seems that your performance just isn’t improving and may in fact start to backslide. At this time, you may want to upgrade to clubs with more weight and substance behind them so you can continue to see your skills improve. If your performance is backsliding, you might want to switch clubs that offer a bit more forgiveness until you find your groove again.

2: There Is No Noticeable Improvement

You are a beginner and expected your gameplay to improve at least a little bit. You’ve practiced your swing in the rain and shine. You spend hours out on the links. Yet your performance just looks dismal. There are just too many problems that even professional lessons aren’t fixing. You may want to consider purchasing new clubs. Perhaps the previous set wasn’t fitted correctly to you. The weight may be off. The clubs may be too long or too short. You may see a noticeable difference to your game with a different set.

3: You’re Getting Older

You aren’t a spring chicken any more. After countless years on the golf course, you are no longer hitting the ball with the same amount of force that was generated when you were younger. In this situation, you might want to consider buying new golf clubs that have a flexible shaft. The stiffness of your current clubs can be negatively impacting your swing. ┬áCome in and ask Troy if you need new clubs.

Source: River’s Edge Golf Blog