Hole by Hole


Par 5

HCP M 9 W 9

The second hole at River’s Edge is a magnificent par five that will push your skills to their limits. Brace yourself for an uphill journey that demands utmost precision and strategic thinking right from the tee.


Successfully navigate this exceptional hole by setting your sights on the left center of the fairway, avoiding the perilous right side at all costs. While the fairway initially slopes gently to the right, it takes a more aggressive descent beyond the 150-marker. Be sure not to veer too far left, as a majestic congregation of trees stands ready to block your path, presenting a daunting challenge for your approach shot.


But the excitement doesn’t stop there. As you approach the green, be ready for an imposing test of your abilities. Perched on an elevated platform, the small green is diligently protected by two substantial bunkers on its right side. To conquer this obstacle, most players find it necessary to reach for an extra club. The green itself slopes back to front, so it’s crucial to avoid overshooting your target. Stay below the hole, and victory will be within your grasp.