Hole by Hole


Par 4

HCP M 5 W 5

Hole 3 at River’s Edge is a captivating slight dogleg left that will put your skills to the test. Prepare for a thrilling downhill approach that demands strategy from the very start.

As you step up to the tee, your driving target awaits just left of the mound in the middle of the fairway. While favoring the left side is advantageous, surpassing the mound will grant you extra rollout and the natural slope of the course will assist in positioning your approach shot perfectly. Be aware, however, that an errant tee shot to the right may find itself nestled within a grove of trees. Luck will determine if you have a clear shot or if you are forced to simply advance the ball back to the fairway.

For those with exceptional power off the tee, a right-side bunker awaits at the 262-yard mark from the blue tees. Beware of its lurking presence and aim for accuracy to avoid its sandy depths.

As you approach the green, you’ll encounter a beautifully balanced surface that slopes back to front and rolls to the water putting your putting skills to the test. Pin placement on this multi-tiered green is key when selecting a club for your approach as precision will allow for the best birdie opportunity. Being below the whole is more advantageous than above. Ensure you don’t overshoot the mark, as the drop-off behind the green, though deceiving in appearance, is indeed significant.