Hole by Hole


Par 4

HCP M 16 W 16

Pause for a breathtaking view of the Deschutes River from the 17th tee. Capture the moment and snap a memorable photo.


As you prepare to tackle this par-4 hole, note that it features a slight dogleg left. The fairway presents an interesting challenge with an outcropping that splits it. Although the preferred approach is on the right side, you have the opportunity to reach the green from either side. However, be cautious when aiming hard to the right or left, as it may result in being out of bounds.


Once you reach the wide green, you’ll find a great opportunity to make a birdie. However, be mindful of the slope, which gently moves from back to front. The fringes of the green fall towards the center, adding to the strategic decision-making required for your shots.