Hole by Hole


Par 5

HCP M 6 W 7

Experience the challenge of our stunning 18th hole, a par-5 with a slight dogleg right. Prepare for an uphill, blind tee shot, aiming your line based on the right side of the fairway mound. As you progress, the fairway slopes softly right and down toward the dogleg, granting you options for a clear shot at the green or strategic layups.

Be mindful of the out-of-bounds area to the right off the tee, but a leftward approach will only add some yards to your shot. Stay right on approach to encounter a picturesque grove and a magnificent ponderosa pine. Beware of the narrowed throat of the green guarded by a protective bunker.

With water lurking on the left and back of the green, it’s essential to plan your approach wisely. Consider the bump and run technique, which could be your key to success.

Our long and narrow green starts uphill, then levels at the ridge line before sloping toward the back. Familiarize yourself with the green map to make the perfect shot once you’ve identified the pin position.