Why You Should Fix Your Ball Marks on the Greens

One of the best things about Bend golf is playing in excellent conditions and enjoying some outdoor exercise. There might be cloudy days, but golf can be a walk in the park as long as we all take a minute to keep our courses in playable shape, free of cart damage, divots, and ball marks.

Repairing ball marks on the green is a courtesy to other players and can significantly impact golf courses in Bend, so here are some tips on repairing the damage.

Tip #1 Repair Ball Marks Quickly and Easily

Don’t worry if you make a ball mark on the green; it’s part of the game. But repairing that scuff is your responsibility, so don’t forget to do your part, which is quick and easy. River’s Edge pro shop has inexpensive repair tools perfect for the job and if you haven’t done damage control before, the pros there will be happy to offer sound advice on how to proceed with a simple repair.

Otherwise, keep in mind that you should insert the tool behind the ball mark before gently pulling towards the center of the groove you made. Then, pull the turf towards the middle of the impact from all sides before gently tapping on the repair with your putter head to help restore a flat surface. Go easy. You don’t have to dig your shoe heel into the repair!

A ball mark quickly mended will immediately begin healing, with the roots continuing to grow. Unrepaired marks can take a week to ten days to start regenerating.

Tip #2 Repairs keep Golf Fair

An unrepaired ball mark on the green can be unsightly and frustrating when you get stuck with a putt sitting behind a divot your ball can’t traverse safely. It can also be annoying to save yourself from a bunker or the fringe and watch your ball roll off-line because it hit a ball mark that never got repaired.

Golf courses in Bend can be subject to the occasional moist day, and scuffs on the greens happen, so repair what you see, and your round will be fair for everyone playing after you.

Tip #3 Unrepaired Marks are Costly

River’s Edge is Bend’s top golf course and offers wildlife on the course, great views, and is a therapeutic way to enjoy some leisure time. But behind the scenes are a host of workers, including the General Manager, Course Superintendent, laborers, and many more. Guess who pays for repair expenses? We all do.

Repairing divots and ball marks can help keep costs down for everyone. Expensive repairs and labor can have an impact on green fees and even playtimes.

Tip #4 Keep River’s Edge the Best Golf Course in Central Oregon

Keeping River’s Edge the best golf course in Central Oregon is no easy task, as you can see from just a partial list of the team members who work continuously to make course conditions great. Repairing ball marks on the greens makes for an excellent round and long-term player satisfaction.

Replacing divots and repairing ball marks is fun and feels good, and it also allows course managers to handle even more pressing issues we probably never knew existed. Be a star – do your part!