You wouldn’t wear bowling shoes if you are going out jogging or hiking in the mountains. So why would you wear regular shoes on the golf course? Golf shoes are athletic footwear designed to offer safety and comfort for golfers of all skill levels. There are also special features to make comfortable golf shoes that can help people with their game.

Anatomy Of A Golf Shoe

Wide Rubber Soles

Wide-track rubber soles on golf shoes offer balance and stability while swinging and navigating the course. The soles are lightweight enough so that golfers can trek across the course without tiring their feet. The wide foot base allows golfers to stand still with a comfortable fit and swing without throwing their bodies off balance.

Molded Grips, Cleats or Spikes

The uneven, slippery, and wet conditions on a rainy day can cause slip and fall accidents for golfers. The molded grips, spikes, or cleats allows the shoe to grip the grass so golfers can maintain their footing on the uneven ground. The spikes can also make a golfer have a more stable stance when taking a swing. Since some golf courses only permit spikeless shoes and don’t allow metal spikes on golf shoes because of the damage they can cause on the course, you can look into detachable spikes or golf shoes with molded cleats. Spikeless golf shoes can also be designed with waterproof protection for unpredictable weather conditions. Waterproof shoes are an excellent choice for maximum comfort on a soaked golf course.


A unique aspect of golf shoes is that along the arches are built-in stabilizers for excellent grip. These stabilizers prevent the feet from sliding to the right or left when a golfer takes a golf swing to ensure they hit the golf ball as they intended to. While many people believe that golf doesn’t involve much motion to the feet when the player is up close to the ball, the fact is that the feet are in motion as a golfer shifts their weight to take the golf club swing.

Extra Padding

Standing for long hours along the 18 holes on a course can take a toll on a person’s feet. A comfortable shoe with extra padding allows players to engage in walking golf to stay fit along the course as they can walk up to 3 to 4 miles while playing. In addition, golfers need a lightweight golf shoe with that extra padding for shock absorption when hitting the ball during those long drives. Without it, the balls of their feet would begin to ache as this circumstance can affect their game performance.


For overall comfortability and function, the Ecco golf shoes are considered to be some of the best golf shoes on the market today. These stylish lightweight shoes are known for their breathable mesh, excellent traction, and leather upper. Golf shoes can be comfortable and have a stylish design so whether you’re searching for an athletic look or just casual golf shoes, they come in a variety of different colors and synthetic materials.  For the avid golfer and professional golfers, traditional golf shoes just won’t cut it.

At the end of the day, the best golf shoe is the golf shoe that feels the best to you.

Source: River’s Edge Golf Blog