Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Any golfer will tell you that golf is easier to play today than it was a few years back thanks to ever-evolving drivers. Some of the best drivers a few years back have been replaced by others that offer higher performance and are more intuitive.

In this post, we provide you with independent and unbiased reviews of what we think are the top 5 drivers worth trying out this year based on our consistent testing methodologies. You can check out the drivers that we offer in our pro shop at the golf course.

1.    Ping G400

Ping has used the dragonfly technology to make the crown a little lighter as well as lower the center of gravity. The crown also has turbulators, which provide you with maximum forgiveness. If you are into custom control drivers, the driver features a Trajectory Tuning Technology which allows you to adjust the hosel.

2.    Cobra King F8

While other premium drivers claim to have maximum forgiveness, ball speed retention, spin optimization and aerodynamic performance, only Cobra King F8 has the CNC Milled feature. This explains why shots using this driver are stronger and straighter. The driver also features an Aero 360 system on the sole and crown. The Cobra King F8 is also quite reasonably priced.

3.    Callaway Rogue Pro

Unlike previous versions of the Callaway drivers, the Callaway Rogue Pro’s Jailbreak bars are 25% lighter as they join the crown to the sole. The head’s hourglass shape ensures the driver retains the same strength as previous versions but is lighter and the center of gravity is slightly lowered. Unlike its predecessor the Callaway Epic, the Rogue’s head is deeper and shallower which makes it more forgiving.

4.    Titleist TS

The Titleist TS is one of the drivers with the thinnest crown, thus delivering faster balls and greater forgiveness. This shifts the weight lower and deeper, which enables lower spins and higher launches. Its aerodynamic shape reduces drag by about 20% allowing for faster swings.

5.    TaylorMade M4

TaylorMade has gained a reputation for continually producing high-performance drivers, and the M4 is no exception. However, the M4 model was tweaked to provide the utmost forgiveness and ball speed. The crown is made using Carbon composite which makes it light. The face has contrasting curves, a feature that helps mis-hits move straighter.

Should I have one or more drivers?

Different drivers behave differently. For instance, you may have come across drivers that have a tendency of going right each time or left every time, or one that goes either too low or too high. This has a lot to do with the shaft’s flex and torque characteristics. While golfing at Bend’s best golf course, River’s Edge Golf Course, there are instances when you will need to hit the ball off the tee and towards a draw hole. One driver is not enough to move the ball both ways, which explains why most golf pros carry two or more drivers.