Spring Golfing in Oregon

As the temperatures start to warm and the grass begins to green, golfers know it’s time for spring golfing. Before you take on the Oregon green this spring, consider the following tips that will help you enjoy the game and what to consider after being off the course through the winter months.

Start Walking

If you haven’t kept up with your walking throughout the cold winter months, you may want to get back in the habit before you get on the green this spring. It’s easy to forget how much walking you do when the winter months keep you indoors. Walking is a quick and easy way to get you golf ready for the season. You should also focus on stretching exercises and strengthening your arm, shoulder and back muscles to prepare for your golf swing.

Head Over To The Range

Maybe you’re thinking this is an obvious tip, but you should really consider hitting the driving range before spring arrives and practice, practice, practice. You want to start the season off with a good game, and like anything else, practice makes perfect. There is   plenty of time to get to the driving range and prepare your swing for regular golf season.

Check Your Club Grips Or Get Fitted

Are you comfortable with your current clubs? Maybe it is time for new ones? If you are comfortable with the clubs that you have, consider having new grips placed on them before the approaching season. This will allow your game to begin with the best possible clubs for you and only help you with your season.

If it’s time for a new set of clubs, go ahead now and have yourself fitted for new clubs that are comfortable and that you can practice with before the regular season begins. Everyone has different swings, so it’s important to find clubs that fit you well. A golf professional at your local course can assist you with getting fitted and determining the right clubs.


Spring temperatures have the ability to be chilly in the earlier hours, and then rise to a more comfortable number a little later. While you may want to pull out your favorite golf shorts, it may not be time. Because of the swing in temperatures in the spring, you should plan wear several layers for your comfort and to keep warm.

Golf conditions extend far beyond the green and how the course was maintained over the cold, snowy winter months. Many conditions are determined by the golfer and how well they have maintained their swing, putting abilities, fitness and endurance throughout the winter. With several weeks before the opening of the spring season, follow these tips to get off to a great start this golf season. Reserve your tee times soon at River’s Edge, one of Central Oregon’s best golf courses.