New Electric Golf Cart Fleet Arrives


By Eric Flowers for River’s Edge Golf Course 


It’s the end of an era Monday at River’s Edge Golf Course when our gas powered golf cart fleet is mothballed for good in exchange for a new electric powered power fleet that will allow River’s Edge to reduce it’s overall carbon footprint while cutting down on emissions and noise pollution.


The new carts are set to be delivered Monday with the entire fleet rolling by the end of the day.


The carts which run about $7,500 per vehicle represent a major investment in the golf course at a time when other courses continue to cut back on capital and maintenance budgets. Manufactured by industry leading Club Car, the precedent i2 carts have been recognized as the industry standard. The electric powered carts include user friendly touches like a club and ball cleaner, sand and seed divot mix, cargo bins and multiple drink holders.


The move to electric carts reflects River’s Edge ongoing commitment to environmental, but also the evolution of electric motor technology that has seen electric carts surpass gas carts in many performance areas including torque, acceleration and safety (automatic downhill braking reduces collisions and rollover-related accidents)


Come by the course this week for a test drive with your foursome and stay tuned to Facebook for photos and other information about the roll out.



Source: River’s Edge Golf Blog