Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Traditionally, golfers have scored some pretty cool gifts at holiday time, but with so many choices these days between autobiographical memoirs, How-to books, and tech gadgets that might never deliver the goods, what’s a great golf supporter to do?

Well, keep reading because we’ve narrowed down the search for that stocking stuffer to just a few of the best, must-have accessories. And if your golfer plays at Central Oregon’s best golf course, River’s Edge, there’s a good chance they will appreciate something from the pro shop stocked with the biggest names in golf with dynamic styles for golfers.

Almost Mandatory Golf Accessories

There’s nothing wrong with gifting snazzy new Dri-Fit clothing from Nike for men or women, or even the latest style in visors and hats with brand names or a tip of the hat to the fantastic course outside the pro shop’s doors. Golfers always need basics like tees, balls, divot fixers, and ball markers. Gifting them with their favorite course’s name is a classy move.

The second most-needed needed item in the apparel line is a good pair of golf shoes.

If you haven’t golfed, golf shoe soles have tiny spike-like protrusions that give golfers a firm stance on slick grass and hard ground. Shoes are generally easier to size than golf clubs, which are best purchased with a custom fitting.

Another much-needed accessory is a set of great gloves. Gloves are super important because golf clubs aren’t held tight, like a baseball bat; they are held more lightly and have to provide a tackiness that enhances grip. That grip must come with flexibility and durability. TaylorMade and Calloway make terrific gloves, so that’s where you should start. If you’re unsure, ask our team in the pro shop.

More Tech-worthy Accessories

Another great accessory is a range finder. Although each hole has a posted distance at the tee, the flagstick is moved regularly from the green center. Also, holes that run 400 to 550 yards can demand excellent eyesight and experience to estimate distances accurately. Not knowing the correct distance to the next spot in the fairway or the green makes choosing the right club difficult. Enter range finders, which look like tiny binoculars and give excellent estimates of distances.

Rangefinders can run into the hundreds of dollars, depending on features, but Bushnell and Precision (and others) make quality products that will provide accuracy for close to $200. Bushnell also makes an inexpensive golf GPS device you can place in your bag or on a cart. It gives GPS-guided distance to the center of the green on more than 36,000 golf courses.

A final accessory that can significantly enhance your practice and play is a swing sensor. Companies like Arccos and Blast offer sensor-based devices that analyze your swing and provides video clips (of your swing speed) you can view with a mobile app. Initial costs are reasonable, but advanced training may set you back a bit.