Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

If it has happened one time, it has happened a million: you start the course and see the first tee as open as the sky. After a few holes — just when you’re hitting your groove and everyone can tell — it happens. You and your group walk to the next tee to see your momentum end because several groups are waiting to tee off, and your group is about third in line.

For many golfers, slow play is very much like the kiss of death. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are several things you can do to deal with slow play and keep the momentum you’ve gathered. Let’s take a closer look at a few things you can do to not let the slow-play monster derail your progress.

Don’t Get Tight

While you wait, you should work toward staying loose and working on tempo. Far too often, your muscles can stiffen up after taking repeated breaks, which can also cause you to lose your tempo and momentum. You can, however, grab the club you want to use for the next shot and take easy, slow swings. This will help keep your swing in rhythm and keep your body loose.

Ask to Play Through

Another alternative is to simply ask the group in front of you if you can play through. This can be the case if you see a hole or more in front of the group ahead of you. However, if the group turns your request down or the opportunity doesn’t present itself, you can always call the clubhouse or flag down a ranger to let them know about the problem. No matter the scenario, it’s always best for management to please the customers. This usually means insisting the group let you play through or asking the slow group to step it up a bit.

Practice Putting and Chipping

Another way to deal with slow play is to whip out your wedge and practice chipping a few balls to the nearest tee marker. You can drop a couple of balls in the rough to learn what to expect when you hit from the dense stuff. You can also hang around the hole and practice putting a few more when you finish a hole — as long as there’s no one behind you. And in doing so, you may set yourself up for success later down the road.

Play Smarter & Harder

You can speed up the came by being ready for the next hole. Position your golf bag or park your golf cart in place that lines up with your exit from the green and drive or walk to the next tee. This does not, however, mean pulling your cart up near the green so all you have to do is take one step, and you’re on the fringe. It does mean parking your cart in a position that will ensure you’re  to expeditiously get to the next hole, which can help ensure you’re not the reason for slow play.

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