Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

The winter season is fast approaching and unfortunately, that usually means you’ll have to refrain from playing golf as much as you did this past summer. There are some people who enjoy playing golf during the winter, but for many others, the conditions outside are simply too uncomfortable and unsuitable for the game.

Instead of lamenting another winter without golf, you can take this time to winterize your various pieces of golf equipment. By doing so, you can prepare properly for your upcoming golf excursions next spring.

Included below are some of the things you should do for your golf equipment during the winter.

Take the Time to Properly Clean Your Clubs

To get started on winterizing your golf gear, you should go ahead and thoroughly clean your clubs.

You can start by taking your clubs and then soaking them in a bucket full of water. This will help get rid of any foreign particles that have accumulated on the clubs over the course of your many playing sessions.

Next up, use an old toothbrush and some cotton swabs to scrub away at those tougher particles that have lodged themselves in the grooves of your golf clubs. Once that’s done, pick up a washcloth, soak it in some warm, soapy water and use that to wipe down your clubs.

Take another soft towel, make sure it’s dry, and then use that to wipe away any moisture from your clubs. Set the clubs aside once you’re done.

Address Any Rust Problems

The cleaning process above should be enough if you have golf clubs that are still free from rust. If there is rust on your clubs, you should address that separately.

Pick up a scouring pad or a wire brush and then use that to get rid of the rust that has accumulated on your clubs. Once you’re done cleaning the rust, you can apply some silicon-based lubricant on the clubs to keep them from rusting once they’re in storage.

Have Your Golf Clubs Checked to See if They Are Still Aligned

While you have some free time, bring your clubs in to our pro shop to be checked. Our pros can see if the lie and loft angle for your clubs are still where they need to be. Winter is actually the perfect time for you to do this as the alignment check is recommended once a year. While you’re here, get a new set of golf grips so you’re ready for next season.

Find a Good Storage Spot for Your Golf Clubs

Last, you will need to properly store your golf clubs during the cold winter months, and you can’t just store them anywhere.

Find a temperature-controlled storage spot for your clubs. If you’re unable to find that kind of storage place, the grips on your clubs may crack the next time you use them.

Hopefully, you have a temperature-controlled room in your home. Failing that, look up storage facilities online that provide access to units with temperature control.

Having to take a break from the game of golf is not fun, but the best thing you can do during your winter break from golfing is to care for your clubs and make sure that they are in prime working condition once springtime rolls around.