Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Avid golfers don’t shy away from the greens when the temperatures start to drop. While there may be some alterations that have to be made to your wardrobe and equipment, there is no reason to stick to golfing only in the warmer months. If the golf course is calling your name while the thermometer has sunk, here are several tips to get in a good round at River’s Edge Golf Course without any mishaps.


Switching out your normal golfing gloves for a warmer pair is going to be a key factor in making sure you stay comfortable while playing. If you’re getting rained or snowed on, a wet weather glove is going to help you keep a firm grip on your club. Invest in a good jacket that gives you an adequate range of motion for your swing, as well as an extra pair of socks if you have the room in your shoes.

Golf Balls

Keeping your golf balls warm will help them go farther. It isn’t just an urban legend that warmer golf balls travel farther, so make sure you keep them wrapped up in your bag or, even better, in your pocket. This is not the weather to simply toss them on the ground and let them get cold. Low compression balls are also excellent in colder weather.

The Green

Winters in Oregon can make for some messy greens at the golf course, and if it’s cold enough you might expect some frozen ground as well. Carrying your golf bag is ideal for keeping everything dry, but for those who don’t want to carry, a new set of winter wheels for your caddy is important. Winter wheels help protect the ground and keep mud from flinging around which is a win for everyone involved.


An adjustable driver is a great investment, even more so if you’re getting ready to play in poor conditions. Setting the weight back on your driver can help with your launch. You may also need more club in order to help increase the distance of your ball since they tend to not go as far during colder weather. It’s a good idea to bring a couple of extra towels as well so you can keep everything dry and not worry about losing your grip to a slick handle.


While you can’t expect to bring the same attire and equipment when playing in the winter months, you also can’t expect to keep the same technique that you usually use. Playing around with different swings and movements before you start your game can help your score and will also prepare you for the rest of the game.

We all like to play in ideal weather, but with an Oregon winter that simply isn’t realistic. Preparing yourself before you arrive is crucial, and can ask for advice from our golf pro, Troy Eckberg, in case you need more tips on the best changes you can make to get in a good winter game. See you on the green!