Best Mallet Golf Putters of 2021

Every decade or so, a new putter is designed and makes its way to the playing public. Some last, some don’t. The first famous and lasting mallet putter might be the 1976 Zebra, designed by Dave Taylor and coming to market about the size of a three-wood. It featured adjustable weights and a stripe alignment system (it’s a Zebra, after all) with an outstanding balance.

It didn’t set Bend golf or the world on fire initially, but it lasted, especially after distribution rights were sold to Ram Golf. Today, mallet putters are commonplace, if not dominant, for handicap players. The weighting system, the adjustment capabilities, and the large, sweet spot make them the first choice for many golfers.

Choosing the best mallet putters comes down to individual taste (as with most clubs), but the price can be a factor. Check out our top picks in the River’s Edge pro shop for playing on Bend’s best golf course.

#1 Pinemeadow PGX

You might want to try a Pinemeadow PGX putter while hitting golf courses in Bend. This putter keeps the basic shape of the Zebra, and you’ll get a reliable, inexpensive (about $50), weighty (340g) model that’s forgiving, even when you miss the alignment stripe.

#2 Odyssey Rossie S

If you love the shape, you can move up to the Odyssey White Hot OG Rossie S Putter. It’s a pricier model (about $225) that comes in at 350g, and the White Hot insert delivers a solid feel with a comforting sound when you strike well.

#3 Huntington Beach Soft 6 Putter

If you prefer to stay away from composite mallets, consider the Huntington Beach from Cleveland Golf. Then, as you challenge River’s Edge, the best golf course in Central Oregon, you’ll be ready. The Soft 6 has a precision milled face with a diamond pattern to increase friction – a great gift in wet conditions.

It’s weighty at 365g, but the softer touch delivers consistent speed and distance, stroke after stroke (about $149).

#4 Odyssey Ten

You don’t have to go old school; just give the latest 2021 designs a chance to improve your putting! If you stay with Odyssey, the Bird of Prey – Ten has a new style with a great feel and sound. The weights have been redistributed to the perimeter and the cost to the customer (about $295).

#5 TaylorMade Golf Spider X HydroBlast Flow Neck Putter

If you are playing River’s Edge, you might as well consider what is arguably the best mallet putter on the market – the 2021 TaylorMade Spider X features a HydroBlast finish. The 21-degree flow neck gives you just the right toe hang. Plus, the heavy steel frame has aluminum and steel back weights for maximum MOI.

The stable, heavier head is 355 grams and keeps your ball from wavering on off-center strokes (about $349).

#6 Ping 2021 Harwood Armlock

The face of the PING 2021 Harwood Armlock Putter has a Dual-Durometer Insert for increased precision on the shorts and a back layer for control on longer putts. Shallow groves promote topspin upon impact for a better feel.

If you are looking for a heavy mallet, the Harwood Armlock putter is 385 grams (about $349). When you want a little help being firm with your putts, a mallet can do the trick. Ping will give you the heaviest push.