Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Have you visited Central Oregon’s best golf course? At River’s Edge Golf Course in Bend, Oregon, you can play golf, dine, vacation and take lessons from the experts. River’s Edge is the best place to celebrate National Golf Month, too!

Treat Yourself to a Golf Pass

Did you know that River’s Edge Club Card is just $59 per year? If you’ve been missing out on this valuable perk, it’s time to take advantage of it during National Golf Month. No matter when you buy your golf pass, your perks are available for one full year after the date of purchase. You’ll get up to a whopping 38% off green fees, clothing discounts and eligibility to compete in River’s Edge tournaments!

Enjoy a River’s Edge Vacation

National Golf Month is the perfect time to treat you and your loved ones to a vacation package at Riverhouse Hotel, the premiere River’s Edge hotel. You’ll have access to comfortable accommodations, complimentary hot breakfast every morning, stunning views, outdoor and indoor pools and spas, tennis courts, world-class dining and the famous Deschutes River trails!

Encourage Your Spouse

Do you love playing golf but miss time with your spouse at home? Why not combine the two by encouraging your spouse to learn the game? The golf pros at River’s Edge can help everyone from beginners to seasoned players  improve their game. Now you can have the best of both worlds, with your spouse by your side as you enjoy the game you love.

Meet Up at Bogey’s Café

Bogey’s Café at River’s Edge serves up custom sandwiches, light snacks and cold refreshments. A spacious deck offers awesome vistas of the golf course and the city of Bend beyond. Why not take advantage of this beautiful venue for your next social gathering? Gather your golfing gals or guys and sit back and watch the big screen TV or discuss the latest television tournament. Don’t wait to meet up by chance. Organize a gathering and enjoy friendship, food for the soul.

Update and Upgrade Your Gear

National Golf Month is a great time to update and upgrade your golfing gear, too. Head on over to the River’s Edge Pro Shop and select a few nice new golfing shirts and shorts. Make yourself comfortable by sliding into a new pair of cleats and gloves. Next, talk to the pro on duty about what kinds of clubs you use and how you’d like to upgrade them. You’ll be amazed how some new clothing and a shiny new club will spark joy and renewed passion into your game!

Compete With Yourself

Now that you’re all decked out with new gear, it’s time to put that new club into action. Pull out your game notepad and make a daily goal. Compete with yourself and see how many points you can chip off your best score. The next time National Golf Month rolls around again, it’ll be fun to review and see how much your game has improved.

There are all kinds of ways to mark National Golf Month. The best part is, they all involve playing the best sport on earth!