5 Must-Have Accessories for Golfers

Golf requires a little preparation, and besides the things you need to play a great round – clubs, a bag, balls, tees – there are things you might have forgotten, so we’re here to remind you how valuable they can be.

River’s Edge pro shop has all your golf accessories, and with a set of clubs, they’ll have precise and valuable advice. No matter how much Bend golf you play, having your own set of clubs is a must for getting a proper feel for the game.

#1 Golf Accessory – Golf Shoes

If you’ve been hitting balls at a fancy golf range and standing on rugs or Astroturf, you might not realize that playing on the natural ground – grass, sand, and dirt – is a bit more challenging, especially if it’s wet. And you don’t want to skimp on a pair of golf shoes since you’ll be walking on them for five hours each round!

Ask around, check with a golf pro, and get yourself a decent pair of golf shoes: your feet and your scorecard with thank you.

#2 Golf Accessory – Gloves

You don’t need gloves to play golf. But you don’t need them to take a pizza out of the oven either. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Quality golf gloves let you grip your clubs firmly without strangling them. Your touch depends heavily on the grip you have. And if it’s a bit wet on the course, you’ll be amazed at the control you’ll still have with at least one glove!

#3 Golf Accessory – A Towel

Even when there’s a beautiful high sky, golf courses in Bend still have a chance of presenting some casual water. Or you might drive a ball into the water or a sand trap. Either way, you must have a golf towel. Wet clubs affect the spin of the ball and can be damaged when they aren’t well dried.

#4 Golf Accessory – Sunglasses

You’ll want some sunshade while you play River’s Edge, the best golf course in Central Oregon. You’ll be in great weather for several hours and having a quality pair of sunglasses is a must.

Hats and sunscreen are essential. But sunglasses that are light, don’t distort your long-distance view of where you want to put your shots, and won’t fog up are mandatory for an enjoyable round of golf. You’ll want to play golf for years and avoiding damaging sun rays is a good step towards happy golf longevity.

#5 Golf Accessory for River’s Edge – Divot Equipment

Bend’s top golf course has great groundskeepers. When you play River’s Edge, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the greens and the fairways. But golf is an aggressive, tragic game with players swinging clubs up to 100 times each round. Sometimes the clubs hit the fairway with great force, or drive screaming, spinning balls hundreds of yards to soft, manicured greens – leaving divots. It’s alright.

Not cleaning and repairing divots is a golfing sin we should all avoid. A divot repairer carried in a pocket or even a tool with a separate groove cleaner for your clubs retrieved from your bag solves the problems you encounter and is satisfying and leads to better scores.