5 Good Habits Every Golfer Should Develop

Whether you are playing golf courses in Bend or traveling the country, avoid tunnel vision and taking the game for granted. After you check the distance to the next green with your range finder, let your eyes see the whole fairway, the surrounding holes, and even the mountains in the distance. Then consider five good habits that every golfer should develop to enjoy the game more!

Habit #1 Reassess Your Game

A little introspection goes a long way. You don’t have to figure out the meaning of golf or why you play but looking at your game wholistically is good. Be honest with yourself. Are you just going through the motions as you do at breakfast while reading the news? Or are you feeling the game as you play?

Do you know what’s working and what isn’t? Do you need a little help with your putting or driving from a golf pro on occasion? Is the best that Bend golf can offer invigorating you?

If not, you might need a little more practice, some new playing partners, or some goals. Or maybe you do need to remember just why you play.

Habit #2 Stay Emotionally Stable

Emotional stability is a key to life, and for many players, golf is life. So, take some yoga lessons, learn deep breathing, or chat with your friends to stay centered. Then, when River’s Edge throws you a curve and the best golf course in Central Oregon is challenging your ability, you’ll breathe easier and know you are up to the task.

Learning to focus and keep calm in the face of adversity as you ponder how you’ll ever get up and down in two from deep in a bunker is an art. Practice and spirit will help your emotional state.

Habit #3 Practice with Intent

Too many players take a few putts, hit a bucket of balls, and call it good. Get the most out of your practice by making every swing count. Try a fade or some short shots that could put you just short of water to set up a perfect chip. Concentrating, being in the moment as you practice, helps your brain process the thought and movement for better motor control.

Want better motor skills? Practice with intent and imprint your intention on the motor reflexes you need for each shot.

Habit #4 Play for the Joy of Golf

It shouldn’t be hard to enjoy a round of golf at Bend’s top golf course, River’s Edge, but sometimes we forget to leave our baggage in the parking lot.

Hit the course for fun, friendship, and enjoy every step of the way to a beautiful day. The worst day golfing is better than the best day working, right?

Habit #5 Give Yourself Goals

You might drive to River’s Edge while thinking, “I’m going to have a good round today.” We all want to improve but breaking that goal into tiny pieces can give instant gratification and enjoyment, even when we don’t play great.

Set some early goals, like giving a different club some use – good or bad – or just staying inbounds on the first hole. Then add the tough ones like not losing a single ball or staying out of the water!