5 Best Golf YouTube Channels to Watch

From the onset of golf courses and teaching pros to radio broadcasts, golf magazines, and the occasional blip of good advice on TV, players have searched for elusive nuggets of practical instruction like miners searching for gold. And what did they find? Usually, fool’s gold, designed for the masses, not themselves. That’s why it’s always a good idea to visit the experts. Start by talking with the experts at the River’s Edge Pro Shop.

However, if you want a veritable sea of golf information and videos, there’s nothing like diving into YouTube online to get more than you ever imagined. The problem is that there are so many golf channels to watch you might drown in information! So, let’s break down the competition to the top five, based chiefly on instruction and improving your game.

#5 Golf with Aimee – 383K subscribers

Aimee Cho played professional golf for ten years and started posting golf videos in April of 2015, mainly at a high rate of one per day. She is enthusiastic, supportive and offers a wide variety of tips and swing instruction in her five-to-ten-minute videos.

Recent tips for fixing your driver slice and improving the power of your hip turn can make your next round at beautiful River’s Edge, the best golf course in Central Oregon, even more enjoyable.

#4 Golf Digest – 188K subscribers

With only half the subscribers of Aimee Cho, the pros at Golf Digest sometimes get overlooked, but the content is both entertaining and enlightening. New videos go up about once a week, and there are plenty of stories and tape on current pros, trends, and courses across the world.

You’ll also find many videos spotlighting training, improving your swing, and how things affect your game. Did you know that while you’re enjoying a weekend of Bend golf that caffeine can have both good and bad effects on your game? Watch the video and learn more!

#3 Mark Crossfield – 356K subscribers

Mark Crossfield is a PGA golf coach at Clifton Hill Golf Range in Exeter, UK. His channel is tilted slightly towards fun and entertainment, but he gets a great mix of instruction, tips, humor, and equipment details into his daily videos.

You aren’t likely to see Mark at golf courses in Bend since Crossfield lives in the UK, but his advice and enthusiasm are on target for playing and enjoying golf anywhere.

#2 Rich Shields Golf – 1.86 million subscribers

Rich Shields is a former professional golfer who has uploaded a new video almost every other day since September 2011. His YouTube golf platform is the site’s most popular, probably because Shields continues to provide addictively entertaining videos with golf instruction, equipment reviews, and giveaways.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of practical advice at Rick Shields Golf.

#1 Me and My Golf – 796k subscribers

Bend’s top golf course, River’s Edge, is beautifully designed and demands attention and concentration for the challenges presented on every hole. To get even more out of your day at River’s Edge, check out the excellent instruction from Me and My Golf PGA Coaches, Piers Ward, and Andy Proudman. They feature weekly instructional videos and tips to use on the links! With 184 million views on YouTube, the coaches are both respected and heavily followed.