10 Tips for Good Golf Etiquette

Sometimes, even golfers on the pro circuit forget good golf etiquette. Most of these faux pas can be fixed, but what if you don’t know some etiquette tips golfers hold near and dear? Read on, Macduff. 1. Be on Time

Treat Mom to a Round of Golf for Mother’s Day

If you have ever been stuck trying to think of the perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day, how about the one thing that keeps on giving to her and you? The gift of golf will contribute to your mother’s

5 Ways to Get Fit for Golf Season in Bend

Getting fit for the golf season can be a challenge. The trick is to set simple goals and work your way up. Golf is more about flexibility and balance than you might think. So, less pump iron and more stretching.

Trend Watch: What’s New in Golf Equipment and Technology

We all work hard to get that perfect swing, but what if we got some technology help once a while? Yes, Virginia, there are other things we can do to improve our score besides hitting the putting green, like using new technology!

Spring Break Fun: Ski and Golf the Same Day in Bend

Well, it’s been quite a year for everyone. The stock market has been down and up, face masks have been up and down, and our spirits have followed suit. If you want a chance to stay and play somewhere close

Fun Facts About Our Course You Probably Didn’t Know

I’ll bet you didn’t know that if Oregon were a treasure map, we’d be where “X” marks the spot. You see, all roads lead to River’s Edge, the best golf course in Central Oregon. Whether you’re near the coast on

How to Avoid the Shank

A shank is usually a one-off, but if you’re struggling, set the face of your favorite iron next to a golf ball and take a look. All that open area above and to the sides of the ball is what you need

How to Shoot Under Par

For many golfers, shooting under par or playing scratch golf is a lifetime goal. For most of us, it’s a worthy one too, because as Ringo Starr sang, “you know it don’t come easy.” No matter how much you play,

New Year’s Resolution: Set Your 2021 Golf Goals

With the new year about to start, it’s a good time to think about your golf game. While making your new year’s resolutions for 2021, consider including some golf goals to help you improve your game. Whether you’re new to

A Guide to Getting Fitting for Golf Clubs

Golfers are a lucky breed because they get to enjoy the great outdoors while facing an often complicated and always challenging game. River’s Edge in Bend, Central Oregon’s best golf course, doubles-down with the Cascade Mountains in the distance and an

Must Have Accessories for Golfers This Holiday

Traditionally, golfers have scored some pretty cool gifts at holiday time, but with so many choices these days between autobiographical memoirs, How-to books, and tech gadgets that might never deliver the goods, what’s a great golf supporter to do? Well,

9 Habits of the World’s Best Golfers

1. Great Golfers Always Stay Motivated Great golfers combine mental toughness with physical abilities to succeed. But getting to the pinnacle of mental and physical clarity isn’t easy. So think back to what first motivated you to try golf. Does it still

Set These 4 Goals to Improve Your Golf Game

Most golfers find that their scores reach a plateau after they have played for a year or two. Muscle memory kicks in and meets their physical abilities, which can be both comforting and frustrating during your round of golf. Everyone

From Focus to Fitness: 5 Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Lowering one’s handicap is, for many golfers, an infinitely more challenging game than any competitive round of golf. It requires you, as a golfer, to explore the ways that your game can improve beyond your natural ability. You’ll also have to

How to Master Distance Control

Improving Your Placement for a More Satisfying Game of Golf If your short game is improving, you’re probably looking to master your distance control as well and chop your handicap at both ends. It can take some time to develop

Shooting Under Par

Pro Tips for Shooting Under Par

Many things go into a perfect round of golf like nice weather, the course, and your partners. If you were thinking about your golf score, well, that includes natural ability, your temperament, course knowledge, your clubs and equipment, instruction, mental acuity,

Avoid Lower Back Pain in Golf

2 Ways to Avoid Back Pain While You Play

You can tweak your back at any time, no matter how young you are. And for those of us who have a few years of fairways under our spikes, the chances of experiencing lower back pain while golfing increases with

How To Avoid Double Bogeys

5 Tips for Avoiding Double Bogeys

Nothing turns a golfer’s stomach faster than stumbling into a two-over-par double bogey golf hole during a good round. I can’t say it’s unavoidable, but a few practical golf tips might change your thinking enough to improve your scores. 1.