Mastering the Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Golf. It’s not just a sport; it’s an experience, a passion, and for many, an unparalleled way of life. Have you ever wondered what draws people from different walks of life to those vast green fields, under the open skies,

Tee Off in Style: The Best Summer Golf Attire and Accessories

Golf is a game that combines skill, precision, and a touch of style. As the summer season approaches, golf enthusiasts eagerly anticipate hitting the green and enjoying their favorite sport under the warm sun. However, playing golf in hot weather

How to Plan a Successful Golf Tournament: A Step-by-Step Guide

Golf tournaments offer a unique blend of sportsmanship, socializing, and charitable giving. Whether you’re organizing a charity event, a corporate outing, or a fundraiser, planning a successful golf tournament requires careful consideration and a strategic approach. Below we will provide

golf etiquette

Top Golf Etiquette Guidelines

Golf is a sport that has a rich tradition of etiquette and rules that must be followed in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, it’s important to

Rivers Edge New Fleet of Golf Carts

The E-Z-GO RXV Elite golf cart is one of the most popular models of golf carts in the market today. It is manufactured by Textron Inc., a company that has been producing high-quality golf carts for over 60 years. The

Ping g430 Driver vs. Ping g425 Driver

Image source: Ping has been one of the leading golf club manufacturers in the industry for many years. They offer a wide range of clubs to suit golfers of all skill levels, including drivers. Two of their most popular

How to Enhance your Mental Skills in Playing Golf

When I say mastering golf is hugely deceptive, the usual response is, “Yeah, no kidding.”  But that’s good. We know it’s tough and accept the test of our resolve and abilities. That’s why we love the challenge of a great


The Top 5 Best Wireless Speakers for Golf

Listening to music is something that can be done everywhere and at any time, and it is an essential mood setter for many occasions, and that applies to playing golf as well. A recent study done by the National Library


Is Winter the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs?

The golf season is about to end because fewer people will play golf. Even if you visit golf courses in bend Oregon, you will find few golf enthusiasts. This makes winter the right time to buy golf clubs because many

Golf Etiquette: Top 5 Tips for Golfers

  The game of golf has a history of excellence and almost fabled nobility. It wasn’t descended from royalty, but that didn’t stop players from exhibiting a regal grace in their style of play and attire. Things have changed over the


Benefits of Twilight Golf

Playing golf offers various benefits, like exercise, fresh air, challenges, and camaraderie that can last a lifetime. Whether you are close to home or visiting a new area, you know the enticing anticipation of your next round. Golf stimulates the

How Does Toptracer Work?

Over the past few years, golf broadcasts have seen a proliferation of crystal-clear golf shots and plenty of colored lines that define the shot’s rise, speed, arc, and distance. That’s Toptracer at its core. And it’s available at Bend’s best

Commitment to an Eco-Friendly Golf Course

If you think playing golf is a walk in the park, well, you’re right. Golf lets us escape the pressure cooker of our daily lives to enjoy nature, get some needed exercise, and see some birds in the trees. An


Tips for Improving Your Short Game

A round of golf comes with plenty of booby traps and bogey traps, so it takes spirit to battle the elements and your daily abilities. You’ve got to be physically consistent but adaptable to weather and course conditions. And while


How Golf Improves Your Health and Well-Being

Golf can be one of the most enjoyable and still maddening games you’ll ever play. But I like a challenge, so when my game’s wheels fall off, I know how to improve it: get a little advice from friends or


What is a Shotgun Start in Golf?

Staging a shotgun start tournament is a great way to get a group of players onto a golf course at one time. Regardless of what the name implies, you aren’t required to participate; it’s nothing like a shotgun wedding! In


Everything You Wanted to Know about Golf Ball Design

If you’ve ever bought some off-brand, high-compression golf balls, you know how important technology and design are to your game and overall score. But can you imagine the old days and playing golf with balls filled with goose feathers? Me