10 Tips for Good Golf Etiquette

Sometimes, even golfers on the pro circuit forget good golf etiquette. Most of these faux pas can be fixed, but what if you don’t know some etiquette tips golfers hold near and dear? Read on, Macduff.

1. Be on Time

Get out of the pro shop or starter shack when you’ve checked in for your round and your start time is close. It takes a few minutes to get your bag, your cart, and the rest of your foursome off the practice green, so give yourself time to be in line for your tee time.

2. Play Smart

Time is precious, so you don’t have to play quickly, just efficiently. Don’t take a dozen practice swings, check your three-foot gimme putts from four angles, or search for a lost ball for 10 minutes. Hit when you are ready, even if you aren’t away.

3. No Cell Phone Chatter

Leave your cell phone on vibrate-only or entirely off. Nobody wants to hear it ring in their backswing.

4. Respect Your Course

Whether you are playing Augusta National in Georgia, or River’s Edge in Central Oregon, show your respect for the facilities. Fix your divots, repair your ball marks on the green, and rake the sand traps back to how they were – or better – before you landed on the beach.

River’s Edge, Bend’s top golf course gets a fair share of wildlife, from deer to elk, to marmots, so drive your cart and your golf balls carefully!

5. Cart Consciousness

Whether using a riding golf cart or an electric trolley, please keep away from other players and their approach shots. Never drive your cart through wet or muddy areas and stay far away from the greens.

6. Stand Still and Be Invisible

Whenever possible, stand behind golfers as they approach and swing and avoid their line of sight as they putt.

7. Green Paradise

Green etiquette tips include helping with the flagstick. If you are last to putt, tend the stick if another player needs it, or move it away from any possible putt and lay it down gently.

Whether you are tending the flag, marking your ball, or lining up your putt, please don’t step in the line of other player’s putts to the hole.

8. Keep Your Eyes Open

A great playing partner is the one who watches the flight of the ball if you miss it, helps you look for the ball if you lose it, and always has their eye out for a lost headcover or chipping wedge. Be that player!

9. Keep Your Temper

Golf is an emotional sport. You’ve got to be calm and collected to swing effortlessly into your drives. Plus, emotional outbursts disrupt play and impact other players. Keep your cool.

10. Share the Practice Green

We all need putting practice, but sharing is caring, so use a few balls instead of a bag full. Don’t chip if the signs say not too, and don’t aim for a hole someone else has staked out.

When playing the best golf course in Central Oregon, River’s Edge, hit the driving range if the practice green gets crowded!