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5 Tips For A Phenomenal Golf Swing

It's never too late to perfect your golf swing. Whether you are a new golfer or an experienced pro, you can constantly tweak how you swing the iron, stand at the tee and and grip the club so you can have a phenomenal golf swing that everyone will envy. Have a stellar score and a great day at the links by using the follow tips to improve your golf swing.

The Best Way To Clean Your Golf Clubs

After a great day of golfing, it's time to place your golf irons into the bag and think of sweet dreams of returning to the course when you have a free weekend with the friends. Yet before you stow the bag away, it is ideal to clean off your irons so they will be ready. Cleaning your golf irons allows you to inspect them for any potential problems that can affect your performance. Here is the best cleaning methods to use.

Great Deals On End Of Season Golf Merchandise

Golfers all across the country are looking wistfully at the Fall sky and getting their last golf games in for the year before the cold and wintry weather arrives and ruins their tee times. It is time to place their thoughts on other matters until Spring arrives again and they can go out on the gorgeous greens to get in their practice swings.

Fall Is The Perfect Season To Still Think About Golf

Golf Fandom in the Post-Tiger Era

By Eric Flowers for River's Edge Golf Course
The major season is officially over. There is still the Ryder Cup and the FedEx cup. But for most casual fans and, as far as the history books are concerned, the professional season is essentially over. That’s not to say there isn’t golf worth watching, it’s just that you don’t HAVE to watch it.