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What Golf Ball Should I Use?

You may believe that every golf ball is the same. Yet golf balls are manufactured in different ways to give varying types of performance to the game. Some types of golf balls will give more spin, while other balls provide additional responsiveness. The type of ball you should use must be based on your skill level. Using the same ball just because you see the professional’s use it doesn't mean it will improve your stroke.

Perseverance Is Key To Maintaining Your Golf Fitness Routine

Golf fitness allows you to keep your body physically in shape to compete in the sport and to have the endurance to play through each course with strength and stability. Every fitness program should be tailored to exercise the body, encourage you to eat healthy foods and help you to stay away from the bad habits that can effect your game play. Most exercise fitness targets three areas of the body:

Get Into The Swing Of Holiday Gift Giving: 5 Golf Gift Ideas

Not every person on your holiday wish list wants to have a crock pot, toaster, or reindeer sweater with the lighted nose as a gift. Also, you want to give them something that they will use for years and years. When you are shopping for the golf enthusiast on your wish list, pick out the latest golf equipment, accessories, and apparel so your special someone can improve their game and have a comfortable time out on the links.

5 Tips For A Phenomenal Golf Swing

It's never too late to perfect your golf swing. Whether you are a new golfer or an experienced pro, you can constantly tweak how you swing the iron, stand at the tee and and grip the club so you can have a phenomenal golf swing that everyone will envy. Have a stellar score and a great day at the links by using the follow tips to improve your golf swing.

The Best Way To Clean Your Golf Clubs

After a great day of golfing, it's time to place your golf irons into the bag and think of sweet dreams of returning to the course when you have a free weekend with the friends. Yet before you stow the bag away, it is ideal to clean off your irons so they will be ready. Cleaning your golf irons allows you to inspect them for any potential problems that can affect your performance. Here is the best cleaning methods to use.