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Walking Golf Is Great Exercise

Mention that golf is an exercise, and you may have people who never played the sport laughing at you and cracking jokes about the number of calories that are burned by golfers riding around in carts. What those people don't understand is that golf involves walking for long periods of time carrying or pushing a heavy set of golf clubs along the course.

Golf Rx – Specialty Eyewear for golfers

If you are an avid golfer that wears prescription glasses, you understand how frustrating it is to play outside on the courses. You have to deal with the glare coming off of the water, grass and bunker. If you have bifocals, you find your field of vision is a bit off as you look out into the distance to determine where you want to place the ball and then have to bend your head lower so that you can see the tee before hitting the ball.

February course update

February Course report from Mike Kisic, Golf Superintendent & Groundskeeper for River's Edge Golf Course
"The golf course is in excellent condition for this time of year.  The frequent rains and warmer than normal temperatures have turf conditions at least two to three weeks ahead of where they would normally be.