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Simple Mistakes Golfers Make That Hold Them Back

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with tips about how to make our swings better, what to do to cinch the putt, and what not to do so we don't make the dreaded shank shot. Yet there are plenty of faux pas that golfers do while out on the course even before they take the iron out of their golf bags. Here are some simple things we might do that we later regret as we are leaving the golf course.

What Makes a Golf Course Unique?

You are sitting at a table with your coworkers, talking about all the outdoor adventures people plan to do during their vacations. While there is talk about hiking, bike riding and mountain climbing at unique places, you are quick to share your plans about going a few rounds at the local golf course. Your coworkers may look at you strangely as they ask what is so unique about golf. You laugh and say it is the course you play, leaving them stumped.