Learn A Bit From The Late Great Ben Hogan

Learn a bit from the late great Ben Hogan.  When the pin is in the front of the green, come in with a higher iron shot.  When the pin is placed in the back of the green, come in with a lower iron shot.  These strategies will allow you to hit more greens in regulation.

We all want to make more putts.  Focus more on the speed of the putt and less on the line when you are more than 5 feet away from the cup.  Soon you will find that the ball finishes closer to the hole and sure enough, more putts will then drop in.

When you head out to the practice facility, practice with a purpose opposed to just striking golf balls.  A great strategy to start your round off well is to play the first hole at the practice facility.  Hit your club you would normally hit off the first tee and then decide which club you would have for your 2nd shot.  Be critical of each shot, so if you happen to hook one left and you know on that 1st hole the shot would be in trouble, make a chip shot playback into the fairway, and decide which club should be used for your 3rd shot.  On a longer practice session, you could play the entire course.  Have fun when practicing and stop by the River’s Edge driving range.