Hole by Hole


Par 4

HCP M 4 W 4

AI copy point commentary on how to play the first hole at River’s Edge Golf Course in Bend, Oregon:

1. Introducing the Majestic Opening: As you step onto the first tee at River’s Edge Golf Course, prepare to be amazed by the sheer beauty that surrounds you. This majestic opening hole sets the tone for the incredible golf experience awaiting you in Bend, Oregon.

2. Strategic Tee Shot: The first hole at River’s Edge Golf Course demands precision. To set yourself up for success, make sure to choose the correct club and aim for the center of the fairway. With a slight dogleg left, a well-struck shot will position you favorably for your approach to the green.

3. Navigating the River: A pristine river runs alongside the entire left side of the fairway, posing both a scenic backdrop and a strategic challenge. It’s important to focus and steer clear of the river’s edge, as any wayward shots may find its watery embrace and harm your score.

4. Breathtaking Views: The breathtaking Cascade Mountains act as a stunning backdrop to the first hole at River’s Edge Golf Course. Take a moment to soak in the natural beauty around you before executing your shot, as it’s hard to find a more awe-ins