Hole by Hole

HOLE 1 1

Par 4

HCP M 14 W 10

Attention: When teeing off on hole 11, please be mindful that long hitters may be coming down the cart path situated to the left of the green. Long hitters should activate the warning lights to signal their presence, and please allow them to pass through to the 12th fairway. By the way, it’s worth noting that the black tee box for hole 12 offers one of the most incredible views in Central Oregon, thanks to its high elevation.

Now, let’s move on to hole 11. Don’t let its appearance intimidate you. The elevated green may seem like a postage stamp and appear nearly impossible to hit. However, on this short par-4, a well-executed drive can set you up for success. Aim your drive center or left of center, and while we hope you don’t need it the side hill can be forgiving if you happen to drift too far left.

During your approach shot, give yourself an extra club to compensate for the elevation change, and pay attention to the pin position. Going long and overshooting the green can be disastrous while catching the false front of the green might lead to your ball rolling back towards you.

It’s especially crucial to carefully study the green map provided when encountering an upper-tier pin placement on this hole. This will help you strategize and make informed decisions regarding your putting stroke.