When Should I Buy a New Wedge?

I’ve watched golfers buy new putters after a couple of bad rounds of Bend golf, but they rarely jump right into wedge purchases. That’s a mistake. Not the total desperation to purchase but getting new wedges.

I might get some argument, but most golfer’s games center on four parts: drives, fairway strikes, wedge play, and putting. Drivers and putters get the publicity, while wedges do the dirty work. Most of the time, they’re in the rough, the dirt, and the sand if you aren’t scoring in the 70s, and that’s alright! If you tour the golf courses in Bend, you’ll find that your short game will make you or break you.

Bend’s Top Golf Course Demands Precision

River’s Edge, Bend’s top golf course, is a delight to play, especially the back nine with tricky sand traps challenging you. You won’t need a specific club to land on the beach but getting back out requires a sand wedge. That one’s easy; it’s got a big “S” on it. The other wedges are trickier.

Ladies on the course typically hit their pitching wedge from 70 to 115 yards, men from 100 to 140 yards. For those shots, the degree of loft makes all the difference. On a full swing, the men can get just over 100 yards at a 53-degree pitch. Use your 58-degree wedge for shots inside that 100-yard range.

River’s Edge Pro Shop

Golf clubs take a tremendous beating every round, so inspect your clubs regularly. Some players like to have new grips applied to their favorite clubs, but if you put a permanent bend in a club or have worn down the face, it’s time to tell that old friend, “Thanks, but so long.”

Sure, the separation is harsh, but your scores will likely improve!

If you need some free expert advice, you’ll find it in the River’s Edge pro shop – an oasis of plenty, that has individual clubs, sets, and many putters and wedges on display. Plus, they offer quick instruction to help you get the right clubs.

New Technology is Abundant

Another reason to buy a new wedge is the tremendous strides made in technology. Computer-aided and robotic testing coupled with better graphite shafts let everyone hit longer shots. Keeping the ball in the fairway is essential too, and the way groves impact club faces now (plus golf balls that increase or reduce spin) really help.

Changes in Age and Ability

We all go through changes in our ability as we get in more play or age. Expensive, high-tech clubs might not be necessary when you first start playing, but once you leave that first plateau and see improvement, new clubs may be in order.

The best golf course in Central Oregon, River’s Edge, may take a lifetime to master, but having some new wedges can make the ride even better. And age can bring the wisdom to know when those new clubs are necessary.

As we age, our joints tighten. Ligaments and tendons lose some elasticity, and that means our swing is going to change. New wedges can help with the shortened stroke and swing speed we all find creeping into our game.

When you take the plunge and get a new wedge or two, break them in gently with some soft chips around the River’s Edge spacious practice facility. There’s plenty of room for chipping practice.

Then, when you’ve seen what the short shots look like, take some full swings on the all-grass tees of the driving range. You’ll be glad you did!