Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

It’s possible you’ve seen a Greens Roller roaming around our River’s Edge Golf Course and wondered what the large machine does. We recently invested in this larger machine because of the amazing benefits it will provide to our guests. A Greens Roller increases the speed of your greens by 1-1.5 feet or more without compaction. Greens Rollers provide you, the golfer, much smoother, fairer and truer greens, which will aid in better performance during your game. Increased speed is one of the end goals, but there are many other advantages this machine provides.

Healthier Greens

The health of the turf is the largest benefit of a Roller, as it reduces turf stress, it helps to suppress turf disease and provides a smoother surface which means a healthier putting green and ultimately increased green speeds. The agronomic practices that help make this all happen include height of cut, fertility, soil moisture, mowing frequency, growth regulator use and verticutting. The frequency of rolling ultimately determines the green speed and the more consistent rolling takes place, the faster the green speed occurs.

Big Investment

Our roller is a treasure we are very proud to own, and although it is an expensive piece of machinery (prices start at around $21k), we believe it is an integral part of offering one of the finest golf courses in Central Oregon.  River’s Edge provides some of the best golf vacations in Central Oregon and we are honored to be on Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play” list. We value our guests and strive to continually provide a top-notch course for your golf enjoyment.