Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

We all work hard to get that perfect swing, but what if we got some technology help once a while? Yes, Virginia, there are other things we can do to improve our score besides hitting the putting green, like using new technology!

Pick #1 is a simple device for your golf clubs. Robot technology and simulated swings tell us that the surface area and friction created by the club against the ball significantly impact spin and distance. That is one reason new ball dimples are changing. And so are club-face grooves.

If you drive in rough weather, you know that sinking feeling when your tires fail to grip the road because of snow or thin tread. That’s where a golf club groove sharpener from Trugroove or Groovemaster comes in. Those lines across your club’s face need to have some depth to dissipate moisture and keep your ball from skidding on ball impact, which increases surface area and friction. Ten minutes, and you’ll get your groove back!

Pick #2 is the GPS golf watch. If you’ve never played the best golf course in Central Oregon, Rivers Edge may surprise you with some worthy challenges. A GPS watch uses the Global Positioning System of satellites and ground markers to see where you are and keep you out of trouble! Whether you go with an entry-level watch like the GolfBuddy WTX or a Garmin Approach, you’ll have the distance to green, obstacles, and more, all in a quality watch.

With the Garmin S60 you can flip screens to view the green close-up, manually change pin position, and even figure distances to a dogleg or bunker. You can also keep score, see other players’ scores, handicaps, and more.

Pick #3 is the Arccos Caddy System. There are many high-tech swing analyzers, but with Arccos, you just screw a tiny sensor into the top of each of your clubs, and they detect shot impact. The App takes that impact information and correlates it to speed and distance, and then Artificial Intelligence calculates your abilities and swing issues. The product comes with an Arccos Golf 360 App lifetime membership.

Use the App on your smartphone, and after just a few holes of play, the Arccos system provides AI-powered advice for every upcoming shot and records all past ones.

Pick #4 is the TaylorMade Spider. It’s not a real spider, but it is a real game-legal putter for use on Bend’s top golf course, River’s Edge, or anywhere else. With the mobile App, the Spider uses a grip sensor to analyze your putting pace and ball strike using 11 computer metrics to measure what’s good and bad so that you can adjust your game on the go.

Pick #5 is using laser technology to train your swing. With EyeLine or Plane Sight technology, you’ll get your shots on-line, your putts too, with a small laser attached to your clubs. Watch the laser, adjust your swing, and let muscle memory improve your scores!