Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

We get it – hitting the slopes may not be your thing. In fact, if you’re like most golfers, you tend to spend your winters being a little sedentary. But you don’t have to! There are several helpful tips and steps you can take to winterize your game. This way when the warmer, more golf-friendly weather rolls back in, you can hit the greens full swing – without short drives and high scores. Here are a few tips you can use to winterize your game!

Make Your Game More Physical

Winter is the perfect time to truly focus on the physical aspects of your game. In fact, golfers like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have consistently used the off-season or winter to bolster their physical conditioning. In either case, the exercise you do should be centered around improving your body’s limitations. 

One excellent exercise for increasing flexibility for golf is Yoga. After engaging in targeted stretching like Yoga, many people report being able to swing faster and hit the ball harder. Best of all, there are several specific golf Yoga poses proven to improve your golf swing. And you can do Yoga anytime and enjoy the golf benefits year-round. 

Chip Away the Proper Way  

While we may all spend time mindlessly chipping indoors, you can use this time-honored practice to do much more than get your fix on rainy days. To do so, make sure to focus on your lower-body action. Many less-experienced players attempt to lift the ball into the air off their back foot. 

Instead, you can work to improve your chipping technique by shifting your weight onto your front foot before you hit the ball. One excellent way to help facilitate this good habit is to adjust your back knee toward the target as you swing down. You may even bump your front knee. This simple tip can help you hit a more solid chip shot. 

Do It In the Mirror 

Whether you’re working on the proper chipping motion or striking a pose, you can improve the winterization of your golf game by practicing motions while standing in front of a full-length mirror. The feedback and visual reinforcement you’ll receive can help solidify in your mind “this is how I want to….” 

Get Better from the Inside

Even though it may be blistering cold outside, you can always find an indoor range to escape the frigid winter. Practicing certain shots in a domed or heated facility is an excellent way to winterize your game and stay sharp for the spring. Obviously, you may be unable to practice fairway and driver shots the full distance on the inside. 

However, some heated facilities are open late in the evenings, which is ideal if you tend to work during the day. At the same time, some driving ranges offer heaters on the exterior, which can make it a bit more comfortable and feasible. Look for indoor ranges in your area, so you can improve your game even when the weather is inclement. 

Contact Rivers Edge 

Don’t let the weather be the cause of your scores increasing and game getting rusty. There are several things, shots and activities you can do year-round to keep your golf game sharp. Contact the professionals at River’s Edge today for more ways to winterize your game.