Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Improving Your Placement for a More Satisfying Game of Golf

If your short game is improving, you’re probably looking to master your distance control as well and chop your handicap at both ends. It can take some time to develop a good feel for which club to use to hit the green, especially on a new course. Even if your current goal is to lose fewer balls in the hazards, there’s a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes from increasing your distance control and consistency. Distance control is the key to strategy. It’s a fundamental skill that will make your golf game much more satisfying.

Knowing the Distance Helps

Checking the wind and casually pulling out the right club after eyeballing the shot may seem like the professional way, but there’s a bit more science involved. Using a rangefinder, GPS, or skilled caddy to help you plan your shot is quite reasonable and will help you connect your results with the numbers and your club selection. Your distance should be for good green placement, nothing more glamorous. If you’re on a new course at a high altitude or in different weather than usual, don’t forget to take that into consideration in planning your shot for the best results.

Time on the Range

Rather than working on placement and distance at the same time, get a feel for your distances at the range. Start to learn not only which club to use, but how each shot feels compared to the results you get. Work on how your grip, aim, and posture (GAP) combine to get the results you need. Once you can repeat distances consistently, work on consistent placement as well, so you’ll do less wandering around at the other end once you’re on the course.

The Flag is Not Your Target

Placement of your shot is more than aiming for an ace. Knowing how to miss the green and improve your averages is essential. This is an important way that distance control will help you notch up your game, as you shift from a target-based approach to a strategy-based one. Consider the less aggressive goal of a well-placed shot, giving you a few more strokes to reach par.

Try New Courses to Test Your Abilities

Your favorite courses, no matter how demanding, don’t test your skills like a new location. Managing your distance control while adjusting to a new, well-designed course will show you just how far you’ve come in your overall game. That’s why pros travel so much, adapting to new challenges throughout the country and the world. A challenging and beautiful course in the Pacific Northwest that’s considered the best golf course in central Oregon, River’s Edge Golf Course is an excellent location to test your well-developed distance control while enjoying the scenery and wildlife. It has a few special challenges that will help you decide what your next goal is in improving your evolving golf game.