Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

If you are a golfer, or if you know someone that is, you know that each golfer has their own preferences when it comes to golf gear. Golf, like most sports, requires gear to play the game. The holidays can be a great time to add to your favorite golfers’ gear repertoire. The following gift ideas are fun, creative and might just be the perfect gift for your favorite golfer.


The purpose of a golf glove is to help with grip, but it can also help with other factors. It can help wick away moisture, help you keep a steady grip on the club, helps prevent blisters, and it provides comfort for those long games on the Bend, Oregon golf course. Some golfers prefer one glove, but many others use gloves on both hands during their games.


Golfers use dry towels to absorb moisture during their game. It’s used to dry their ball, clubs and hands during a game. They’ve proven to come in handy during the hot and cold days throughout the season, giving each play a fresh, dry start. Microfiber towels help wick away moisture from the body and don’t get heavy like regular cotton towels do after they’ve absorbed moisture. The microfiber towel is lightweight and packs small. A great gift every golfer will appreciate.


Part of the game is making sure you keep score. Gifting a greens scorebook will make your special golfer happy for the entire season. It’s an essential part of the game that every golfer needs regardless of skill level. A greens scorebook makes a great stocking stuffer!


Another essential piece for every golfer, the golfer tool pocket knife. Golfers will appreciate this gift for years to come. The best pocket knife golf tool will include a clip blade, divot repair tool and a surgical steel blade. Case is a great company to purchase this tool from, they make multiple sizes and colors, so grab that personalized gift and score big with your favorite golfer!


This gift is a creative, useful and fun option. A collapsible chipping net helps you sharpen your chipping skills year-round. Perfect for any skill level, this gift will be a hit. Most chipping nets offer multiple chipping baskets, so the more skilled player can be challenged. Both left- and right-handed golfers can use these nets.