Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

The Fall is a great time to book a golf game because most of the amateur and casual players think the best golfing only happens during the summer months. Fall is actually a great time to hit the course because most courses are in their best shape because they are being prepared for the following season. Fewer people on the course and great course conditions offer a perfect setting to improve your skills and prepare for next year’s season. The following are some Fall golf tips that you might want to consider as you brush up on your skillset during the colder weather.


The Fall brings a variety of weather conditions that can change unexpectedly. You’ll want to be prepared so you aren’t caught off-guard, especially if you’re underdressed for the afternoon. The best solution for this time of year is to layer your clothing. We still see plenty of warm afternoons, so shorts and t-shirts might be a great option, but bring a light-weight jacket and some long pants, just in case.


With the daylight hours decreasing, it limits the hours you can play. If you want to make sure you get your practice in each week, consider playing shorter games more often. Perhaps playing 9 holes four days a week makes more sense and you’ll still get the practice time you’d normally get during the long days of summer.


With less people on the course, you’ll have more time at each hole, less pressure to move the game along quickly. Try those shots you’ve dreamed of taking, practice with new clubs and try new brands of balls. Use this time to venture out of your comfort zone and hone in on what works best for you. This is a perfect time to experiment with new gear, new techniques and pick up skills you’ve been afraid to try.


The colder weather can affect your game if you aren’t adequately warmed up and prepared for the activity. Remember to take a little bit more time warming up before the game, focusing especially on your limbs. Injuries can happen quickly when you aren’t properly warmed up and golfing injuries can take a long time to heal, which would really impede your Fall golfing intentions.