Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"


Named a Golf Digest "Best Places to Play"

Golfers are a lucky breed because they get to enjoy the great outdoors while facing an often complicated and always challenging game. River’s Edge in Bend, Central Oregon’s best golf course, doubles-down with the Cascade Mountains in the distance and an amazingly designed course. And each hole provides challenges for even experienced golfers. That’s where having the right equipment comes into play.

Golf isn’t like baseball, where the batter has a single bat they use for every time at the plate. Instead, a complete golf bag has at least a dozen clubs, from the mashie to the niblick, to the spoon. Wait, those are old golf club terms. But if you haven’t upgraded your clubs for years, you might as well be using them.

Here Come the Holiday Purchases

If you are lucky enough to be in the market for new golf clubs or are considering giving your favorite golfer a new set, keep in mind that while your purchase will be much appreciated, not every club is right for every golfer. You shouldn’t buy off the rack.

Computer simulations and lasers help manufacturers design new clubs. They can even help fit golfers with the right choices but getting fitted for new clubs requires expertise that only golf experts and pros can provide. The golf pro shop at River’s Edge is the perfect place to start your journey to better golf with a one-on-one fitting for the right clubs, whether you want to size-up a new driver, a putter, or a whole set of clubs from a wide selection of name brands. And remember, a gift certificate allows the player to choose exactly what they want with professional help!

Golf Club Fitting at River’s Edge

The professionals in the River’s Edge pro shop know that golfers come in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. They can ascertain your correct stance, style, and swing speed to match you with new clubs that will enhance your physical attributes and drive you to more effortless swings and lower scores.

Your custom fitting will take into account your height and stance to get the proper club length but will also include your wrist to the foot length and your natural grip spot for your swing. Talking to the pro about your handicap or average scores will also help.

Next, your swing speed and average drive distance will provide a crucial key to determining the flexibility your club shaft should provide, both for woods and irons. Your pro may find that you need different flexibility in your woods than your irons. They may also suggest specific clubs based on how you approach the ball, with a smooth or choppier swing.

Your swing, strength, and skill can also determine the loft you get from particular clubs. Your professional fitter may also suggest using hybrid clubs, which can take the place of stiffer, harder to manage low irons. Remember, your golf club fitter is there to help you!