6 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Golf Game

Simple Ways To Enhance Your Golf Game

For nearly 200 years, golf balls that could travel over 150 yards were made by hand, stuffed with goose feathers, and covered with leather. Now we’ve got graphite and steel shafts, computer ball designs with dimple patterns that cut through the wind, and satellites that tell us how far our ball is to the cup on the green. That’s a lot of new technology to improve your games. But what’s likely to improve your game the most?

Well, if you’re playing River’s Edge, the best golf course in Central Oregon, you might prefer to have an instructor for lessons, but you can still face the best challenges in Bend golf and do so with modern technology, like that satellite stuff.

1. GPS Shot Tracking and Range

If you struggle with distances, a GPS golf watch or Range Finder will keep you accurate to the hole by zeroing in on the green. They are super-accurate, and if you know your club distances, you can carve a few strokes off your score.

2. Green Reading and Breaks with GPS

Yup, GPS is trendy, but that’s because it’s valuable. Some apps use GPS to give you hyper-accurate reads, of course, especially greens. That means no matter which golf courses in Bend you play, apps can give you the contours of the green, and you’ll see the actual break of any putt from any position on the green.

The best part is that using the app can improve your scores while teaching you how greens really break – so you’ll consistently improve your read on each new course and your scores.

3. Artificial Intelligence to Calculate Golf Swing Proficiency

Several companies offer new technological swing analyzers that attach to your clubs or your belt. From there, a phone App detects things like shot impact and swing speed. You’ll get advice via AI for improving your game – and caddy-style advice for upcoming shots. And your previous shots get permanently saved for later retrieval.

4. Laser Technology for Golf Swing Continuity

Today’s laser technology can quickly and inexpensively help you monitor your swing to improve your consistency. Using a small laser attached to your clubs, you can train better muscle memory by watching the laser and adjusting your swing and follow-through.

The lasers help you on swings to correct a hook or slice by keeping your clubhead straight on impact and follow-through. They’ll also help with putting.

5. Video Comparison and Analysis

To see what the golf pro sees and get a chance to pick your swing apart moment by moment, try one of the many swing analysis Apps designed to record your stroke so you can review it accurately later. Some Apps that offer split-screen images may be more helpful than those that do not.

6. Remote Control Golf Carts

Walking Bend’s top golf course can give you an added slice of the River’s Edge natural beauty and a healthy heaping of hole-knowledge when you avoid a riding cart and use a motorized golf trolley.