5 Things I Wish I’d Known When Buying Golf Clubs

Whether you are new to golf or want to upgrade your sticks, buying a set of clubs can be intimidating. It might not be the most expensive purchase you ever make, but it can have such a great impact on your success and love for the links that you need to get it right!

1. River’s Edge Pro Shop offers free advice

Buying the right clubs is essential no matter your skill level, so check out the River’s Edge pro shop first. That’s the home of experts who live and breathe golf. They know the difference between trendy and functionally robust.

If you play golf courses in Bend, they can offer advice on the right clubs for the courses you love, the weather, even your grip size. It’s worth the time to personalize your experience when buying golf clubs.

2. Your swing influences your club needs

Your swing dramatically influences how you should choose your clubs and what will transform your game. Some beginners go straight to a custom fitting for their golf clubs. On the other hand, whether you already play Bend golf or not, it might be better to take a lesson from a pro instead. You’ll get great tips, and your instructor will know if you are using the right length or the correct type of club.

When your lesson is over, then ask, “Should I get custom-fitted clubs?” They’ll know.

3. Needs should trump wants

If you are a beginner, get a beginner’s set. Forget your desire for pricey tour-quality clubs that won’t suit your ability. Buy what you need. There’s nothing wrong with a beginner’s boxset. Expand later. Golf is hard enough without extra clubs to try and master.

Steel shafts are cheaper, but graphite is lighter, so your swing speed will be more significant, and a softer flex may be just right. You need clubs that offer forgiveness, not an occasional booming drive.

4. Wedges are essential

Wedges get overlooked, but you’ll use them as often as your putter. You should be using a wedge from 125 to 100 yards and closer, so a 48-degree pitching wedge, a 54-degree sand wedge, and a 60-degree lob wedge are essential.

The best golf course in Central Oregon, River’s Edge, has great greens with demanding approaches. To get to them, you’ll need several wedges. Start with large, forgiving faces with a low center of gravity to help follow through with your swing, and you’ll do great!

5. Bend’s top golf course demands putting skill

River’s Edge is a spectacular golf course, with some tricky greens, especially as the weather transitions and pin placement gets crafty. While your new clubs will last a long time, you may want to switch out your putter from season to season.

And, you’ll probably have your putters forever. A putter is the only club you use every single hole, so experiment with lots of them, from blade to peripheral-weighted to mallet. Try ‘em in the pro shop, borrow from friends, but take your time finding what feels like an extension of your own body!