4 Things Great Golfers Do Differently

No athlete is born great. You’ve got to have the dream, the desire, and some natural talent just to get started. But great golfers do things differently than us mortals. So to truly enjoy Bend golf, here are four keys to help you rocket past your competition. After that, it’s up to you to commit to working on your game often.

#1 Great Golfers Show Confidence

Confidence, that optimistic spirit that combines with motivation, makes champions. There’s never been a great golfer who didn’t know deep down that they had talent and the heart to be better. The problem is that you can’t fake confidence. It only comes from your core and your belief in yourself.

Bend’s top course, River’s Edge, is tough, and not every shot will be perfect, but being confident clears your head of doubt about your abilities and makes decision-making easier. Confidence removes the fear of needing to second-guess a lousy shot and instead steers your thoughts to just how to handle your next move.

#2 Great Golfers Are Honest

Self-introspection and honesty can turn an average golfer with talent into a super competitor. You’ve got to be honest with yourself and accept your shortcomings to move past them and improve. Saying “I stink” is neither confident nor helpful but saying, “I need to work on specific areas of my game,” is honest and shows confidence that you can overcome shortfalls. That’s where practice comes in.

If you are honest with yourself, you know your weak spots, so practice with intention. Set a goal for each scratchy area and focus on improving it. Whether that means extra buckets of balls hitting your worst clubs or living on the practice green, you might want to ask the golf pro for help! It’s alright; you’ve got the confidence to admit you need assistance, right?

#3 Great Golfers have Amazing Focus

When you play River’s Edge you’ll need to focus on its challenges. But there’s more than overcoming pin placement and tricky greens on the way to consistently low scores. Great golfers concentrate on prior rounds on golf courses in Bend and use their focus to visualize the exact swing, bounce, and roll needed to achieve the desired outcome.

To achieve great focus, once you’ve set your mind’s-eye on your perfect shot, you must block out everything else – the doubt, the worry, the fear – and let practice-honed muscle memory take you home!

#4 Great Golfers Maintain Superior Motivation

The final things great golfers do differently begin with solid motivation. They’ve got an inner drive that never quits, and since they are honest with themselves, they can focus on improving their game with plenty of practice.

Golfers wishing greatness should start by revisiting their latest poor shots, not blasting 300-yard monsters with their favorite driver. As you get your shoulder turned to the perfect degree (about 50 degrees) to boost your swing, your club speed and accuracy will improve, and your scores. That’s how confidence gets built.

River’s Edge Pro Shop

Don’t forget about the River’s Edge pro shop, where you can purchase new equipment and get practical advice on your game, clubs, and even new ways to approach the best golf course in Central Oregon.