Golf lessons are an important part of learning the game of golf.  At River’s Edge we cater to every level of golf instruction.

We offer private lessons and group lessons and are affiliated with golf programs through Bend Parks and Recreation and Central Oregon Community College. 

In 2024 we will expand our lessons and clinics with the use of Toptracer Coach. 

Get ready to discover the game-changing benefits of taking golf lessons or participating in clinics with Toptracer Coach. Say goodbye to traditional teaching methods and embrace a new era of golf improvement.

With Toptracer Coach, you’ll receive personalized instruction from top-notch coaches who utilize cutting-edge technology to analyze your swing in real-time. Get ready to uncover a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement as Toptracer Coach tracks and provides in-depth analysis of every swing.

Stuart Allison, Director of Instruction

Stuart Allison began his golf teaching career in 1991 in Scottsdale, Arizona. He called Arizona his winter home for 25 years while working in golf instruction, founding Lands End Golf School in 1997. His career allowed him to travel in the summer months to locations from Anchorage, Alaska to Long Island, New York. Stuart made his way to Central Oregon.In 2016 he became the Director of Instruction at River’s Edge Golf Course in Bend, Oregon, where he remains. His passion for teaching is reflected in the enjoyment of his students’ experience, young and old, in learning about the game of golf. Stuart offers private lessons, group lesson and a variety of clinics.


Attending a golf clinic is a great way for individuals with the same or similar skill set to learn and improve their golf game.

It is also a great way to meet people and find playing partners.

Here are a couple of 2023 clinic examples:

Ladies “Sip & Chip”

Cost: $15 per attendee (Includes clinic fee and complimentary beverage of choice) 

Maximum number of attendees: 16 

The class will be split into two groups of eight. Each group will have a 45-minute session with the instructor while the other group enjoys a beverage and socializes.  The groups will then swap and come together at the conclusion of the clinic for a quick Q&A. 

Mens “Beer and Bombs”

Cost: $15 per attendee (Includes clinic fee ad complimentary bener choice).

Maximum number of attendees: 16

The class will be split into two groups of eight for a 45-minute driver session with the instructor. The clinic concludes with Q&A on the deck.

Make sure you are on our email list, you don’t want to miss clinic announcements – they fill up fast!