The Time to Walk the Course is Now

Golf is an exciting sport that makes you challenge yourself to become a better golfer each time you hit the course. You can not only improve your skills; you can also improve how your body feels as it is a great sport to help you keep in shape. To improve your body, you can skip the golf cart and instead walk the course. 


Enjoying Walking Golf and the Beautiful Course 


Walking the golf course allows you to enjoy the beauty of the course that you may miss when you are driving around. Also, you can get a better idea of the course layout as you walk, as you can see and feel every dip and rise of the ground that can dictate where your golf ball lands after the swing. For many golfers, walking the course is their way of positively contributing to the environment, as they are not driving around and sending out hazardous fumes into the air. And, of course, you are getting great exercise while keeping your body fit. 


What to Do About Carrying Heavy Bags 


One of the many reasons that people skip walking the course is because of their golf clubs. The golf bags and other accessories can be too heavy. Also, they may not feel that stable when carrying heavy bags on their shoulders while walking up or down steep slopes. One way to get past this dilemma is to obtain a remote control golf caddy. 


A gold caddy can hold all of your golf clubs, bags, sand/seed container to fix divots, water bottle, umbrella and small electronic devices as you walk the course. Since it comes with a remote control, you don't have to go back and get the caddy once you make a swing. Running on electricity from a rechargeable battery pack that is attached, you can control the speed as well as the direction of the golf caddy. So you can make it come to you as you can put your golf club into the bag. 


In addition, you don't have to hold onto or walk directly with your caddy. You can control its speed so it can always keep pace with you. Several types of remote control golf caddies also have a hill assist feature as it can go safely down steep slopes without needing you to pull on the caddy handle to control it. 

You can experience a wonderful new way to play golf by walking the course right now. Skip the golf cart, load your bags into the remote control caddy, and take your place at the tee.