Need to work on your long putts? Here’s how:

We all know that in the game of golf, any shot can ruin your game or trip you up. If you have a favorite shot or favorite hole at your local Bend Golf Course, chances are you’ve spent time indulging yourself and practicing those. Now you’re due to spend some time on your least favorite shot, or your least favorite hole, as this is what’s going to improve your game the most overall.

If you have a shot that’s not your favorite, you need to take the time to practice it, and gain confidence in that shot. The more confidence that you have, the better the chances are that, that shot will improve and your game will improve as well.

Long putts

Long putts tend to be one of those shots. Some people hate these shots, because it can be harder to judge whether or not to take them in one long putt, or two. By taking the wrong shot as one long putt, you can sometimes end up costing yourself two or three shots. Try working on your lag putting, and try simply to get the ball as close to the hole as you can.

Be sure to keep your goals set in your mind. If you’re aiming at getting the ball within 6 feet of the hole, rather than trying to get it in right away, you’ll be better mentally prepared for whatever happens when you take the shot. The shot won’t be seen as a failure, if you simply get it close to the hole, and clinch it in a second shot. Chances are, by aiming for the 6 feet around the hole, you’ll start to get your golf ball that much closer.

Analyze Your Shot

Be sure to take a few to look at the shot. If it seems like it might be too long, you should consider that maybe it is. We recommend trying to take it in two, rather than being disappointed at the fact that your long putt didn’t make it into the hole. Remember to be realistic, and set yourself up for golf success. If you line yourself up for an easy final put, you’ll thank yourself later, even if that means you have to take the shot in two swings.


Try taking your shot in more of a chip style. Adding a little oomph to the ball, like a chip, will help the ball get closer to the hole. Often the style of a chip is what the ball needs to have the extra push to the hole.


Spend time working on your long putts at the golf course. If you put in the practice time, you’re sure to see improvement out on the course. Be sure to practice all different kinds of distances, common putting distances and long ones. Take the time to see how each different length shot feels.

If you take the time to challenge yourself in practice, and also pay attention to different changes you experience in your putting, you’ll see an improvement in your game.