Working on your Short Game

Getting back to the golf course after a long, cold winter can be hard in many ways. Not only are you potentially out of shape, but it can take some time to get back into the swing of things. You may not be as comfortable taking that shot or put, and your body may have forgotten the best way to do it. So here are some tips for getting your short game back to where it needs to be.

Your Grip

The grip on a club can make or break your shot, but when you’re first getting back to playing it can be over looked. Take the time to set your grip up, and get your handle of the club in the correct spot.

Buried Lie

When the ball is buried, or in taller, thicker grass, it can take a different approach to getting it where you want it to go. Your swing will need to be steeper than other shots, so that you can effectively get your club under the ball and hit it out of there. Make sure your club handle is set slightly forward, and be sure to be mindful of where your handle is at the moment of impact.

Fairway Lies

When you’re hitting a fairway lie, it’s important to focus your swing slightly behind the ball. You’ll want to slide the club, almost along the ground. Your handle should be upright, but also behind the ball. Be mindful of the position of your club before your swing and after your swing. You’ll want to be sure that your club is back in the same position when you started your swing and when you hit the ball.


This is a very similar shot to a buried lie. It’ll take some effort to get it out of there, so you’ll want to again have your handle tilted forward. A crucial part of this shot is to swing your club head in a downward motion, so as to hit the sand right behind the ball. Be sure that your swing and clubhead continue through to go under the ball, as this movement will get your golf ball out of there. The more buried the ball is, the further forward your handle should be.

Take Away

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked on your short game, try getting out on a green for a few practice holes. Spend some time refamiliarizing yourself with your different swings. Before you know it, it will all feel comfortable again.